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TEDDINET – Transforming Energy Demand through Digital Innovation NETwork – is a research network addressing the challenges of transforming energy demand in our buildings, as a key component of the transition to an affordable, low carbon energy system. Funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), TEDDINET’s primary purpose is to share knowledge and enhance the impact of existing research in this area.

TEDDINET’s primary purpose is to create added value and enhance the impact of a suite of research projects across the UK. Originally established to support 22 projects funded under the ‘Transforming Energy Demand through Digital Innovation’ (TEDDI) and ‘Transforming Energy Demand in Buildings through Digital Innovation’ (BuildTEDDI) programmes, TEDDINET is pleased to have welcomed on board 6 new projects funded under the ‘Energy Management in Non-Domestic Buildings’ programme. Together, these 28 projects encompass 27 universities, nearly 100 partners from industry and the housing sector, and over 250 researchers.

In one way or another, all these projects use digital technologies for detailed measurements of energy consumption and assessment of options for demand shift or demand reduction. Most projects examine the latter through collaboration and engagement with, or even the empowerment of, the people who are living or working in those buildings. Our network is both interdisciplinary (from engineering and informatics, to social sciences, design and law) and multi-sectoral in nature (i.e. involving, industry, government and third sector as stakeholders). And our network is still growing as we welcome anyone with an interest in this research area.

TEDDINET serves to encourage and enable communication and collaboration internally between participating researchers and practitioners, as well as externally between the research projects and industry, policy-makers, civil society and wider academia. We undertake a broad range of activities to collate, synthesise and share research findings, and develop the evidence base to inform government policies, societal debates and industrial strategies.

TEDDINET was established in September 2013 and is currently funded for four years.

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