TEDDINET is coordinated by the University of Edinburgh and Loughborough University, bringing together diverse disciplines including civil and building engineering, informatics, energy systems, governance and geography.

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University of Edinburgh:

  • Dan van der Horst: PI, Senior Lecturer in Environment and Society, School of GeoSciences (dan.vanderhorst@ed.ac.uk)
  • Nigel Goddard: CI, Reader in the School of Informatics (nigel.goddard@ed.ac.uk)
  • Janette Webb: CI, Professor in the Institute of Governance (jan.webb@ed.ac.uk)
  • Johanna Moore: CI, Chair of Artificial Intelligence; Director of the Human Communication Research Centre (j.moore@ed.ac.uk)
  • Gareth Harrison: CI, Deputy Head of the Institute for Energy Systems (gareth.harrison@ed.ac.uk)
  • Sam Staddon: Research CI, Teaching Fellow & PDRA, School of Geosciences (sam.staddon@ed.ac.uk)

Loughborough University

  • Steven Firth: PI, Senior Lecturer in Building Performance Modelling, Civil and Building Engineering (s.k.firth@lboro.ac.uk)
  • Tarek Hassan: CI, Professor of Construction Informatics, Civil and Building Engineering (t.hassan@lboro.ac.uk)
  • Richard Buswell: CI, Senior Lecturer in Building Services Engineering, Civil and BuildingĀ  Engineering (r.a.buswell@lboro.ac.uk)
  • Tom Kane: Research CI, Research Associate, Civil and Building Engineering (t.kane@lboro.ac.uk)

Our Advisory Panel:


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