Communications Strategy

TEDDINET is guided in its activities by its Communications Strategy, which can be downloaded here TEDDINET_Communications Strategy_January 2014

The objectives of our Communications Strategy are:

  1. Ultimately, to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ameliorate climate change by transforming energy demand through digital innovation.
  2. To inform and influence policy-makers, industry and others involved in the strategy and practice of energy demand.
  3. To facilitate the sharing and building of knowledge and capacity amongst the (Build)TEDDI community in all aspects of their research.
  4. To engage with the wider body of academics in the UK and internationally researching energy demand, digital innovation and social practices.
  5. To support (Build)TEDDI projects in their own communication strategies and activities, and to promote an awareness amongst them of the needs of industry and policy.
  6. To ensure the core TEDDINET team communicate and engage with others effectively.

Our Communications Strategy is a ‘live’ document which we aim to review on an annual basis. We welcome all comments and suggestions for the strategy, which we hope will develop as the network does.

Please share your thoughts with us by emailing