Networking Workshop 2

Second TEDDINET Networking workshop

Loughborough University 4-5 June 2014

TEDDINET ran its second workshop at Loughborough University on the 4th and 5th June 2014, hosted by the (Build)TEDDI projects REFIT, LEEDR and DEFACTO. Attended by 53 researchers representing 11 of the (Build)TEDDI projects, the workshop promoted the sharing of knowledge and experiences between different projects. It also provided continued impetus to TEDDINET, ensuring that it will benefit academia, industry, policy-makers and society.

A report has been produced (see below) which outlines the structure of the workshop and provides summaries of the presentations and sessions. Day 1 of the workshop provided opportunity for all projects to give an update on their recent research, whilst during day 2 workshop participants broke into smaller groups to reflect on their own research and share ideas around 4 pre-determined themes. Powerpoint slides accompanying all of the presentations are provided (where author permission has been given) below. The report appendix includes recommendations by workshop participants for recently published reading, as well as details of all participants.

A Workshop Summary Report

Day 1: Project Updates:

Day 2: Themed Session presentations:

Theme 1. Digital innovation for energy savings in buildings

Steven Firth Storing and analysing household energy and performance data: lessons from DECC’s Household Energy Survey
Lina Stankovic Domestic Smart Energy Research focusing on functionality and uses of energy data repository (Theme 1_Stankovic)
Jacqueline Beckhelling Data management for the DEFACTO project (Theme 1_Beckhelling)
David Allinson Test houses and their synthetic occupants
Anastasios G. Bakaoukas Smarter Households (A Serious Game Platform For Raising Energy Consumption Awareness)
Nikolaos Vastardis A User-Centric Smart Gateway for Residential Energy Management (Theme 1_Vastardis)
Arash Beizaee Measuring the potential of zonal heating control to reduce energy demand in UK homes (Theme 1_Beizaee)
Tom Lovett Designing Sensor Sets for Capturing Energy Events in Buildings (Theme 1_Lovett)
Mike Coleman REFIT Smart Home technologies – a quick look at the RWE Smarthome™ (Theme 1_Coleman)
Andy Stephenson Monitoring at emh homes
Jalil Latflmran IMSS to monitor home energy

Theme 2. Data Analytics

Tom Kane Initial insights from half hourly gas consumption data (Theme 2_Kane)
Roxana Morosanu Digital anthropology: social scientists as producers of ICT analysis
Jing Liao Domestic Smart Energy Research focusing on power load disaggregation and domestification patterns
Dashamir Marini Exploring the impact of Model Calibration on Estimation Energy Savings Through Better Space Heating Control
Ehab Foda Using Energy Performance Assessment Data of a Stock of UK Houses to Run a Batch of Dynamic Thermal Models
Vanda Dimitrou Lumped parameter models for building thermal parameter estimation
Nigel Goddard Sensors and Disaggregation in the IDEAL project
Charlie Wilson Mapping relationships between household activities, technologies, energy and time

Theme 3. Buildings Energy Policy

Theme 4. Household and workplace dynamics

(these themes were amalgamated into one)

Paula Cosar-Jorda Energy reduction through best technology and practice
Kirsten Revell How User Mental Models of Home Heating Systems explain energy consuming behaviour.
Luis Oliveira Understanding user behaviours to design energy saving interventions
Georgina Wood Using participatory design to engage energy users in the creation of a serious game (Theme 3,4_Wood)
Kathryn Buchanan Feeding back about eco-feedback: How do consumers use and respond to energy monitors? (Theme 3,4_Buchanan)
Ashley Morton Householders’ space heating behaviour and influence of new heating controls – do old habits die hard?
Alexa Spence Motivations to engage with energy saving (not included for reasons of confidentiality)
Myroslava Dzikovska Can we design feedback for practice change? (Theme 3,4_Dzikovska)
Greta Barnicoat A qualitative study of the use of smart monitors and energy practices in an older population (Theme 3,4_Barnicoat)
Elizabeth Gabe-Thomas How occupants understand energy practices (Theme 3,4_Gabe-Thomas)
Becky Mallaband Understanding the person, not just the practice
Eddie Owen Occupancy sensing in sheltered housing
Murray Goulden The role of the facilities manager (not included for reasons of confidentiality)

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