Title: REFIT – Personalised Retrofit Decision Support Tools for UK Homes using Smart Home Technology

PI: Dr Steven Firth, Loughborough University

Fund: £1.5m BuildTEDDI

Project lifespan: May 2012 to April 2015




REFIT is an ambitious, highly interdisciplinary research project with the long-term aim of creating a step-change in uptake rates of retrofit technology measures in UK homes. The project brings together a diverse research team with internationally renowned expertise in buildings, energy, ICT, people and design. REFIT will study the Smart Home concept and its ability to provide personalised, valued, tailored and trustworthy information on building retrofit, energy efficiency and on-site renewable technology options for UK homes.


WP 1: Data analytic tools for Smart Home data streams; WP 2: Smart Home Field Trial; WP 3: User engagement with smart home technologies; WP 4: Definition of value propositions and user engagement; WP 5: Integration of results and retrofit decision support tool development.


Based on a 20 home case study the REFIT project will implement a range of approaches for providing retrofit advice, using persuasive ICT-enabled decision support tools derived from the Smart Home data, to engage householders, industry, consumer groups and policy makers, to promote long-term behaviour change and to influence retrofit purchasing decisions.

Academic partners:

Loughborough University

Dr Steven Firth

Prof Tarek Hassan

Dr Andrew May

Dr Val Mitchell

Dr Tom Kane

Dr Michael Coleman

Vanda Dimitriou

Stuart Cockbill

University of East Anglia

Dr Charlie Wilson

Dr Tom Hargreaves

Dr Richard Hauxwell-Baldwin

Strathclyde University

Dr Vladimir Stankovic

Dr Lina Stankovic

Dr Jing Liao

Commercial partners:

Adapt Commercial




Green Energy Options

IBM UK Labs National Instruments National

Refurbishment Centre

RWE Effizienz GmbH


Key outputs:

Firth S.K., Fouchal, F., Kane, T., Dimitriou, V. and Hassan, T. (2013) Decision support systems for domestic retrofit provision using smart home data streams. Proceedings of CIB W78 2013: Move towards Smart Buildings, Infrastructure and Cities, Beijing, China

Hargreaves, T., Wilson, C. and Hauxwell-Baldwin, R. (2013) Who uses smart home technologies? Representations of users by the smart home industry. Paper presented at the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ECEEE) 2013 Summer Study, Toulon/Hyères, France. June 2013.

Seeam, A., Liao, J., Stankovic, L. and Stankovic, V. (2013) Improving Energy Efficiency with Smart Home Appliance Monitoring, Proceedings of EEDAL’13.