Smarter Households

Title: Smarter Households – An Intelligent Digital Household Network to Transform Low Carbon Lifestyles

PI: Dr Shuli Liu, Coventry University

Fund: £1.1m BuildTEDDI

Project lifespan: Jan 2013 to Jan 2018



‘Smarter Households’ aims to develop an interdisciplinary intelligent digital system to help household members understand and directly manage their energy consumption and facilities bills including gas, electricity and water. Key issues include the scarcity of awareness of real energy consumption, inconvenient access to utilities meters, non-bill payers’ influence on energy consumption, low levels of awareness and education on energy management and limited education on sustainable low carbon lifestyles.


Task 1: Developing an integrated smart meters and low cost internet enabled sensing system (IMSS); Task 2: Developing a virtual energy world game (VEWG); Task 3: One year practical trial with 20 houses including different age groups and educational backgrounds; Task 4: Improvement of IMSS and VEWG; Task 5: Model for economic and environmental analysis; Task 6: Creating multimedia and intelligent education packages for low carbon life skills

Case study and findings:

The IMSS system will be installed into 20 houses, and all the householders will be encouraged into the VEWG. The energy consumption of water, electricity, gas will be measured through the smart meters and the indoor environment such as temperature, humidity and CO2 will be monitored. The householders will be engaged with the real time energy consumption through the serious game. Relevant education package on the low carbon life style will be generated by the social scientists. This will be the foundation to enable the householders reflect back to their house energy consumption. This project also focuses on next generation, children and teenagers. Low carbon life style will be a long term project for householders, facility suppliers, and the government.

Academic partners:

Coventry University

Dr Shuli Liu

Prof Mark Gaterell

Dr Panos Petridis

Elise Smithson

Dr Latifimran Jalil

Dr Anastasios Bakaoukas

Georgina Wood

Benqiang Yang

University of Birmingham

Dr Rosie Day

University of Edinburgh

Dr Dan van der Horst

Commercial partners:

Christopher Rimmer, EON

John Barnham, Orbit House Group

Key outputs:

Yang B., Liu S., Gaterell M., Smithson E.,Smart metering and system for low carbon community: Challenges, issues and benefits, Proceedings to Energy Policy, 2014

Bakaoukas A., Plus width modulation (PWN) method for power components estimation in power meters, The 10th International Conference on Intelligent Environments, Shanghai, 30th June-4th July 2014

Shikder S., Liu S., Gaterell M., Smithson E., Feasibility investigation of smart meters in delivering low carbon community: a consumer engagement perspective, 12th International Conference on Sustainable Energy technologies (SET-2013), 26-29th August, 2013,Hong Kong